Developing Aberdeen City's Integrated Children's Services Plan

Integrated Children’s Services Conference 2017: Launch of the Aberdeen City ICS Plan 2017-2020

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Following on from the successes of the Integrated Children’s Services conferences held over the past 4 years, the Integrated Children’s Services Board agreed to host another Integrated Children’s Services conference in 2017.

The fifth Integrated Children’s Services Conference took place on 12th June 2017 at the Beach Ballroom. The purpose of the conference was to launch the Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2017-2020. The conference was a very successful event with 134 delegates attending from across all sectors working with children, young people and families.

The conference was chaired by Gayle Gorman, Director of Education and Children’s Services and took an innovative approach of using vignettes to tell the story of shaping the new ICS Plan and next steps. Several of the ICS Outcome Groups presented a short vignette to showcase the work that has been going on in the city which were as follows:

  • Developing the Plan
    A short video that highlighted all the consultation work with children and young people as research for the plan
  • Achieving Outcome Group
    A short film showing the work done with Activity Agreements followed by a presentation about improving employability and life skills in young people
    A presentation about improving outcomes for Children and Young People through researching the effectiveness of multi-agency meetings in Aberdeen City
  • Responsible Outcome Group
    A short presentation by two young volunteers about informed responsibility and encouraging positive decision making
  • Nurtured Outcome Group
    A video showing how Aberlour Skills for Work have helped young people in the city find confidence and skills for work
  • Respected and Included Outcome Group
    Several young people from the South Catchers group and Aberdeen City Youth Council gave a presentation and spoke about Youth engagement in Aberdeen City
  • Healthy and Active Outcome Group
    “Investing in our Children’s Future As a Consequence of Change” with a brief overview provided by a school nurse