Launch of Young Carers Toolkit

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In Scotland, the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 has given all Carers a heightened profile and an opportunity to receive the support that they need and deserve.

Aberdeen Health & Social Care Partnership and Aberdeen City Council have developed a Carers Strategy to help drive the implementation of the legislation. For Young Carers this gives them the entitlement for the first time for an assessment that will be known as a Young Carers Statement.

Young Carers are likely to be one of the biggest single groups of children in need. Estimates suggest that in a
city the size of Aberdeen, there may be up to 2000 children and young people aged between 5 to 18 years who undertake caring responsibilities for a family member or close friend.

Caring for another person is a complex but not always a negative experience for children and young people. Young Carers in Aberdeen City have told us that they feel very proud about their caring responsibilities. Young Carers make a significant contribution to their families and the impact of their caring role on their own lives can be considerable and not always negative. Understandably some Young Carers are anxious about the person they care for, and this can adversely affect their own wellbeing, while others access restricted experiences and these restrictions can compromise their educational progress and health.

The Young Carers Toolkit includes approaches to help Practitioners identify and support Young Carers. Following the best practice described in the Toolkit will result in a better-informed workforce across partnership services and improved outcomes for all Young Carers in Aberdeen.

Please click on the links below to download the Young Carers Toolkit resources:
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