Lochside Academy launches pupil-designed board game to promote wellbeing

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Lochside Academy was today (Thursday 13 February) celebrating the launch of its latest venture; a board game designed by one its pupils.

Lochside Academy Game, the brainchild of 13-year-old Sean-Paul Gordon is designed to help with pupils’ health and wellbeing and sees players having to make their way from Marischal College to Lochside Academy via city landmarks Union Square and Aberdeen beach.

Along the way, players landing on specific squares will be able to pick up cards with positive wellbeing messaging enabling them to move forward a number of spaces.

The not-for-profit board game is being produced by Compass Printing on behalf of Lochside Academy for use by young people at Lochside Academy and the six primary schools in the surrounding area.

Sean-Paul spoke about the inspiration for his game: “I was playing a life-skills board game with my friend and I thought I should design one that everyone would be able to use”.

Education Operational Convener, Councillor John Wheeler, came along to the launch and was impressed by the game. He said: “My warmest congratulations to Sean-Paul and everyone involved. This is a really fun and engaging way of getting children to think about what contributes to their happiness and wellbeing as well as helping them to reflect on positive behaviours”..

Sharon Desbois, the school’s Youth Development Officer, said: “Working with Sean-Paul has been really enjoyable. He has designed a fun and interactive resource to use with other young people across the Lochside associated schools’ group (ASG) to support their health and wellbeing.

“This will also continue to strengthen the link between local communities and Lochside Academy. Sean- Paul has put a lot effort and thought into the game”.

Head Teacher, Neil Hendry, said: “This is an outstanding example of how a youth worker in school can make a real difference to the young people they work with in school settings. The work has been so positive not only for the young people directly involved in designing the ‘Lochside Academy Game’ but for those who the game will support in the coming years as they transition from primary school to the Academy.”

Photograph: (left to right) Lochside Head Teacher Neil Hendry, board game creator Sean-Paul Gordon and Kai McLaughlin (both 13 years old) and Councillor John Wheeler