Dame Evelyn Glennie is guest performer in Orchard Brae pupils’ new video

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World-renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie appears in a new music video for pupils created by Orchard Brae School’s music therapists.

The school’s Trash Band video episodes, the brainchild of music therapist Emmeline McCracken and percussion specialist Keith Bell, have appeared weekly since the current Covid-19 lockdown began and make music accessible to everyone through the use of everyday object ‘trash’ instruments.

Dame Evelyn has composed a new piece for the new video and also features in several excerpts.

Dame Evelyn said: “There is no better physical and mental activity than to participate and share in sound creation! Letting our imagination run free to create a sound picture is fun and full of discovery.

“Trash Band has struck the perfect chord; they embrace the importance of making sure music and sound creation is accessible to all our special children, enriching their creative minds and precious lives”.

Councillor John Wheeler, Education Operational Delivery Convener, said: “This is a great initiative by Emmeline and Keith and all at Orchard Brae which really shows how music participation can bring children and young people together even in these challenging times.

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to everyone on such a wonderful video and of course, my sincere thanks go to Dame Evelyn for her marvellous support of the project”.

The story began in 2019 when the elder brother of one of Orchard Brae’s nursery pupil’s wrote a blog for Dame Evelyn about the influence her music had had on him as well as the effect music therapy has had on his younger brother, with whom Emmeline and Keith work.

As a result of the relationship, Dame Evelyn was delighted to become involved and has been fully supportive of the weekly Trash Band episodes which have gradually developed into an ongoing story of the ‘mysterious composer’ and the journey he is taking the pupils on.

The episodes incorporate singing, dancing, drama, Makaton signing and, of course the trash instruments. The latest episode has Emmeline and Keith take to the high seas on a pirate ship!

The latest episode can be viewed here: