Corporate Parenting

Corporate Parenting – Our Looked After Children and Young People
  • Corporate parenting is defined in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 as: “the formal and local partnerships between all services responsible for working together to meet the needs of looked after children, young people and care leavers”.
  • Good corporate parents will want the same outcomes for their looked after children as any good parent would want for their own children. They will accept responsibility for them and make their needs a priority.
  • We believe that corporate parenting is not just a responsibility. It is a real opportunity to improve the futures of looked after children and young people. Success relies on many different organisations – including local authorities, health boards, the police and schools – recognising they have a critical contribution to make.

Corporate Parenting operates at the strategic, operational and individual level.
The three elements are:

  1. Co-operation to promote the welfare of children and young people who are looked after.
  2. Co-ordinating the activities of those who are involved in a child or young person’s life, and taking a strategic, child-centred approach to service delivery.
  3. Understanding that corporate parenting includes all the actions that support the development of children and young people that are looked after.(These Are Our Bairns, 2008, The Scottish Government)
What does it mean to be ‘looked after’?

Supervision Requirements are the main legal means by which children become looked after in Scotland. The majority of children and young people who are considered to be looked after will come into one of the following two categories:

  • Looked After at home – The child or young person continues to live in their normal place of residence (i.e. often the family home) under a supervision requirement.
  • Looked After away from home – The child or young person is cared for away from their normal place of residence, e.g. in a foster care placement, residential/children’s home, a residential school, a secure unit or a kinship placement (with friends or relatives).
Corporate Parenting Improvement Group

The Corporate Parenting Improvement Group (CPIG) was set up to focus on attaining the improvement aims indicated in the LOIP relating to care experienced children and young people achieving the same levels in education, emotional wellbeing, and positive destinations as their peers by 2026. The CPIG will provide oversight of the Improvement project actions which will support this achievement.