Local Learning

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Learning from Family G Initial Case Review

The learning from Family G has now been published online via a presentation kindly delivered by two members of the SCR sub committee; Fiona Miele, Lead Nurse for Child Protection, and Kymme Fraser, Service Manager ACC. This case identified learning themes which included cumulative neglect, multi-agency communication, and professional challenge and curiosity. Fiona and Kymme talk us through some of the history, the learning themes identified and subsequent next steps that are required. You can find this presentation below. We would encourage this briefing to be shared in team meetings where possible and it can equally be shared on a more service wide basis.

Multi-agency Audit on the use of the NRF

This is the first audit from the 2020/21 audit programme under the Quality Assurance Framework. Findings in the Joint Inspection 2019 and in local ICRs and SCRs have noted the variable use and quality of National Risk Framework tools and chronologies. These tools are found in the “National Risk Framework to Support the Assessment of Children and Young People” (2012). This audit topic and outline remit was agreed at the CPC to consider “How well do we use the National Risk Assessment Framework tools in assessing risk for children and young people?” Please click the video link before for a very short presentation covering the good practice and areas for improvement identified in this audit as well as the next steps taken by the CPC. The full NRF audit report that was presented to CPC is also linked below.

Child H 7 Minute Briefing