Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE)

The PACE programme began in March 2014 and aims to reduce drift and delay for looked after children in achieving permanence using a whole system approach.  The PACE programme has been operating in Aberdeen City for the past 18 months.  During this time a number of changes, across all agencies, have been made to the permanence planning process which have individually and collectively contributed to noticeable improvement in reducing delay and drift that children experience in their journey to achieving permanence.

Aim 1 – 90% of children will be presented to the Adoption & Permanence Panel within 12 weeks of the decision by the Looked After Children (LAC) Review to rule out rehabilitation to parental care.

Aim 2 – By 31st December 2015 90% of children aged 0-5 years will be in their final placement within 12 months of the decision made to pursue permanence.

Aim 3 – For looked after children who have a decision of permanence away from home, by 31st August 2016 90% will have kinship options ruled in or ruled out by their 18 week LAC Review.

ON FILM . . . PACE improvement work in Aberdeen can be viewed in a short video on the Scottish Government website -