Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee is a partnership with representatives from social work, police, health, education, children’s hearing, housing and the third sector.  The Child Protection Committee works together to maintain and improve arrangements for child protection across the city.

The Operational Sub Committee has a Child Protection Programme which aims to make sure that every child or young person in Aberdeen is safe and protected from harm including:

  • Being physically, sexually or emotionally harmed, or put at risk of harm, abuse or exploitation;
  • Having their basic needs neglected or being cared for in ways that are not appropriate to their age and stage of development;
  • Being denied the sustained support and care necessary for them to thrive and develop normally;
  • Being denied access to appropriate medical care and treatment; and
  • Being exposed to demands and expectations which are inappropriate to their age and stage of development;

If you are worried about the safety of a child in Aberdeen call

  • 01224 306877  (Joint Child Protection Team)
  • 01224 693936  (Emergency out of hours)
  • 101 (Police Scotland)

Click here to find up-to-date and relevant information, documents and links about child protection in Aberdeen City and here to access the Child Protection Partnership website. 

Key Documents
National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014
Local Guidance for Child Protection in North East Scotland 2012
Child Protection Committee Signed Constitution 2013
Phase 1 of the Child Protection Programme
Phase 2 of the Child Protection Programme

Useful Links
Child Protection Partnership Newsletter July 2015
Child Protection Partnership (formerly NESCPC) Newsletter August 2014

Contact Details
Kymme Fraser
Child Protection Programme Development Manager
Aberdeen City Child Protection Committee
Business Hub 13, 2nd Floor North, Marischal College
Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AB
01224 264037

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